Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Intensive city

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Scott Lash thinks Shanghai as an intensive city, the capital-to-be of the 21 century.

flowers from Eileen

flowers from Eileen
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This is in Spring's flat, where I spent weeks doing my homework.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Royal College of Art Posted by Hello
Red House, Bexley Heath, Kent Posted by Hello
From a tram window, Basel Posted by Hello
Memorial Posted by Hello
orange Posted by Hello
an elephant in the stomach of a snake Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Dinning alone with the familiar made-in-England plate. Bern, 6th May. Posted by Hello
Bear Pit without bears. It was around 7pm when I took this picture. Maybe the bears' office hour has finished that day. Bern, 7th May. Posted by Hello
First floor of the west section of Kunstmuseum Bern. The building was finished in 1879 in French Renaissance Revival style, by Bernese architect Eugen Stettler. Mark Cousins commented on modern gallery space in general as 'palace left by princes'. I could feel such an aura in this setting. Posted by Hello
The artificial bear looking at the River Aare, Bern. 7th May, 2005 Posted by Hello
The 100-metre high Munster in Bern. 7th May, 2005. Posted by Hello
Balcony of Einstein Haus, Bern. 7th May, 2005. Posted by Hello
Sculpture by Herzog & de Meuron at Fondation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland. It is interesting there is a Chinoiserie pavillion a few steps away from the sulpture which makes the setting even more like a Chinese garden with a big scholar's stone as a focal point. Posted by Hello
A tram is passing Market Plazza (sorry that I forgot the German name of the place), Basel. I like the chromatic facade of the building, which seems to share similar aethetic inclinations of some Victorian British architects. Posted by Hello
Sculpture by Herzog & de Meuron at Fondation Beyeler.  Posted by Hello
Mind the cross. 5th May, Basel. Posted by Hello
Shot from the window of room 4, Hotel Stadthof, where I stayed during the latest trip to Basel. Posted by Hello
Sculpture by Herzog & de Meuron at Foundation Beyeler. This wooden piece is the half part of the mock-up for the concrete one located in Jinhua, China. Comissioned by their collaborating artist AI Weiwei, this piece highlights their cross practice in art and architecture . Posted by Hello
Two and Two. Basel, 5th May, 2005 Posted by Hello
the postcard of Bern Posted by Hello
The director is trying which colour serves better in the background of Hodler's paintings. Kunstmuseum Bern, 7th May, 2005. Posted by Hello
red pitched roofs in Bern Posted by Hello
The left one was taken in Basel on 5th May and the right one in Bern on 6th May. Why I have so strong prference for such composition? Posted by Hello
The collage-contact-sheet function at Picasa2 organises the images chronologically, as my experiment shows. Please enjoy the sequence. Posted by Hello